Yogurt from Powdered Milk (a great way to get some calcium and use your food storage)

2 3/4 C nonfat dry milk
2 qts water (8 CUPS)
2T-1/2 C plain yogurt- make sure it says 'contains' live and active cultures otherwise it won't work. I like to use Greek yogurt.  I can get away with using a smaller amount.

Before you start, make sure all the utensils and pans and things are very clean.  You will need 4 pint or 2 quart sized jars, a big pot, a wire whisk or a big mixing spoon. It also helps to have a thermometer and crock pot.  And perhaps a funnel depending on the steadiness of your hands.

I mixed about 4 cups water and the powdered milk in a big pot with a wire whisk,  until it was completely incorporated. Then I put it a pan on the stove with the rest of the water. Heat this to 180 degrees - I used a candy thermometer- and stir often so it doesn't scorch. After it reaches 180 remove it from the heat and let it set until it reaches about 110- 115 degrees. I put a lid on mine and went about my housework.

Take out 2 c of the cooled milk from the pan and mix with the plain yogurt. Then add it to the remaining milk. Stir to dissolve it completely.  At this point you can add honey or sugar or whatever sweetener you like.  Pour very carefully into your jars and put the lids and rings on.
Every person who makes yogurt has their preferred method to culture it.  But since I am the one writing this I will put my own way.
I fill my crock pot with hot water that is about 120 degrees, and put the filled jars into the water and put the crock pot lid on.  I cover the whole thing with a bath towel to keep it warm and then walk away.
Let it sit in the warm water overnight, usually about 5-8 hours.  The longer you leave it the more tangy it is. I have left it as long as 24 hours and it was still great.
After it has set go ahead and play around with it adding fruit and granola...whatever you like in your yogurt.  I personally like lemon extract and a bit of honey in mine.  Caitlyn likes hot cocoa powder in hers, Anthony likes jam...
You can strain it through cheese cloth or a coffee filter and use it in place of mayo or sour cream in a pinch.

Store covered in your fridge, it will last several weeks unopened.
Once opened though eat within 3-4 days.

If you line a colander with cheese cloth or muslin and drain out the whey it makes a nice greek style  yogurt, or let it drain even longer and use it in place of cream cheese.

Ok Bye!!!

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  1. You are a miracle worker. Ok so my initial thought was ick! powdered milk! But you know I gave it a try, and ILOVE it. We put some honey and lemon in it. Yeah we are sold on the fact that homemade is better than the store bought kind.

    Keep 'em coming.