Homemade moisturizing milk bath for Baby (Soothes Colic)

2011-09-08 13:59
Mountain Standard Time

Milk is a soothing, moisturizing bath additive that gently cleanses the skin. (If your child is allergic to cow’s milk, use goat’s milk as a substitute.) The corn starch also helps soothe diaper rash.

1 cup powdered milk
1/2 cup cornstarch
2-3 drops lavender or chamomile essential oils (optional)

Combine ingredients. 
I spoon it into an empty mason jar to store it.
To Use:  Sprinkle a small amount in a warm bath. Chamomile and lavender essential oils are naturally calming, so this bath is perfect for a fussy baby or toddler!

This is my recipe for a moisturizing milk bath.  It's perfect just before bed or to soothe a colicky baby.  My daughter who is 5 now was so colicky.  I came up with the recipe out of sure desperation and my need to find something anything that helped her.  And halleluiah this did the trick.
It didn't actually fix whatever made her colicky it just helped her relax enough to calm down.

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