The New Breastfeeding Doll (Getting up on my soap box)

2011-07-19 11:26
Mountain Standard Time

I find it interesting that people rush out to buy their daughters Barbie dolls, for birthdays and Christmas.  What is it really good for?  Teaching our daughters that to be beautiful we have to be freakishly thin, have long fake hair, and have huge breasts?   Hmmm, and everyone is ok with this??
A new doll is on the market called the breast feeding doll and we have everyone up in arms over it?  Some of my facebook friends are actually calling it a joke or weird or gross......SERIOUSLY?????
 I know there are those who will not agree with me, and that is perfectly fine.

I think it is a FANTASTIC idea.

Our children are constantly bombarded by the media about who they should be or look like....etc. Why not have something that is actually beneficial? Let's teach them it is normal and healthy to breast feed.  How many babies dolls have they sold that comes with the plastic baby bottle?   We as people do what we are taught, we teach them to feed their babies chemicals in bottles it's what they do. On the other hand if we teach our daughters that there is nothing shameful about feeding our children with our breasts, and that it is normal to do so.  I wonder how it would change perspectives.
As all mothers know, children are the best parrots.  They do what they see.  They see their mother feeding their baby brother or sister with her breast, but then we give them a doll with a plastic bottle to feed it with?  What kind of message or mixed message does it send?
What does that teach our daughters?  Does it teach them to be afraid of what other may think, or not do it because someone might be offended by seeing a baby eating their lunch?  That others have final say in how they will raise their children.
Ah, yes that brings me to another side topic. How about de-sexualizing breasts?  After all they aren't play toys.  I feel it is actually a very good thing for our society.  It is beyond high time to take breasts away from ogling  men and give them back to our children to our babies, as they were created for.
I cannot fathom how this would "sexualize young girls at an early age". There is NOTHING sexual about it.  If it stimulates you to see a 4 year old acting out breast feeding her "baby" then there is something wrong with you. 
Breast feeding is the best thing for our babies and in fact the best thing for mom too, specifically it helps keep away breast and cervical cancers, so it really is a win-win.

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  1. Sorry but I think the whole thing is ridiculous!
    Seems to me that if we want our daughters to self feed their child we need to lead by example, and I don't see how having the doll helps in any way.

    I agree though that I don't get how is supposedly sexulizes a child. If you have a problem looking at it, then look away.