The reasons behind starting my blog.

I have had journaling on my mind for about as long as I can remember.  I did it as a kid but as I have gotten older it has kinda slipped away from me.  And a beautiful smart friend of mine suggested blogging.  And well here I am.
I think now is really the best time for me to begin again, while my children are young and full of vision and hope.
Also I am an avid "make it from scratch" kind of mom.  I have huge issues with paying the high prices the store and places charge for their goods and services.  And IF I can make it myself I usually will.
Some might say I am tight with money, I would say I like to hold onto that which is mine and help it grow.  Not just monetarily but in all aspects of my life.

Instead of running to the store to buy something my family needs, making it from scratch serves as a reminder that I don’t "have" to buy something for every need we have.
Too often in our society when we need something, break something, lose something, (insert your reason here), we run to the store to purchase a replacement. Making my own skin care or toothpaste or laundry detergent reminds me that often what I need is at my fingertips, if I use a little creativity.  Often it works much better and I don't have to worry about what's in it.
Making my own laundry detergent is just one step in my effort to see what I can make myself, not put as much garbage out,  reuse, recycle, make do with or do without. 
I like knowing how to make things and trying to do something I have never done before.  I take it as a challenge to see if I can do it better.  I also like doing things "they say I can't".
In terms of money savings, we’re talking a few dollars over the course of say doing several loads of laundry, or $2-$5 for a tube of toothpaste.  It’s not inconsequential but it is in some ways life changing. I think the biggest gains come from avoiding harsh chemicals. I know making detergent is very popular, with good reason, with people who have sensitive skin or allergies and so any time you can avoid those is a good time. Ultimately, when you see how quick, and simple making things yourself is, you’ll be amazed at the laundry list of chemicals in detergent (get it? laundry list? ha ha) or toothpaste or store bought salsa.  We really don't NEED all the other stuff, most of which isn't any good for your skin or your health or even for your memory (aluminum in shampoo and toothpaste is thought to cause or increase your chances of getting Alzheimer's).

I love the process of doing and learning.  I like to tinker around in the kitchen and try new things or invent new ways of doing things, especially if it keeps us healthy and leaves a little cha ching in our wallet.  Part of the fun is to pass those ideas along.

Also, I am a Registered Nurse who has delivered more than my fair share of babies "the doctor's" way.
I am at this moment studying to be a Direct Entry Midwife and plan to only do home births. It is my plan  primarily to support Medium to Low risk Mothers to achieve the natural birth they seek. I plan to support VBAC mothers who were left almost without options. I am a VBAC2 mother myself, and delivered unassisted with my last 2 babies because I was left in the proverbial place between the rock and a hard place. And I never want a mother to "have to settle, for a decision" that was not hers to make, because all other choices have been taken from her.
That is my passion, I feel that a lot of the issues with children and families could be cured by taking better care of our mothers.

Honestly I just want to help, anyway I can.

So here I am blogging in my effort to share what I have learned.
 Anyway if there is anything more you'd like to know about me go ahead and ask! Thank you!

Here's a picture of me now that you know more about me. 

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