Beef N' Barley or Oat Groats Soup

2011-12-26 20:09
Mountain Standard Time
1      pound of ground meat
1/4c   barley or oat groats or wheat berries
2tb    oil
1/4c   Chopped onion
1tsp   Salt
2qt    water or broth 
1/2c   chopped celery 
1/2c   chopped carrots
1/4ts  Pepper
2c     cooked tomatoes (canned diced works great too)
2tb    minced parsley
Cook and crumble the meat and brown slightly in hot oil in the
bottom of a soup pot. Once meat is cooked drain off grease, add 
chopped onion cook till brown. Carefully add water, carrots, onion,
celery, groats or barley, pepper, and salt.  Bring to a full boil. 
Cover tightly then turn down to medium for 1 hour. Add tomatoes 
cook 5 minutes.  Serves 8
Credit: My friend Amy gave me this recipe. 

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