Sorry I haven't written in so long!!

Where have I been?… That’s a very good question! Especially because that’s the exact same thing I’m asking myself right now.

I can’t remember how long it’s been since the last time I wrote! And that just buggin my brain!!!
With all the juicy gist that has been in the air these days, you must have expected that I would have been here laughing at everybody and everything. With all the political agendas all over the place I want to comment on those but won't.  I really don't know how I feel about any of it at the moment.  Which I know is strange since I always have something to say about everything…
I just don't quite feel like myself and haven't for a while.  Having your self shredded body and soul and dragged out into the sunlight takes alot away from a person.  I am still trying to pull my pieces back together and out of the mud.  And before long I will once again be right as rain.
But anyway.
I think I’m back (I THINK) and I hope I’ll be here in your faces for a while…
There’s (as usual) soooooo much stuff going on that is worth talking about. And God help me, I will talk!  I have put together some amazingly delightful meals and food and I promise to begin posting again....trolls not withstanding....yeeech!
By the way, if I run off again, please someone should be kind enough to send out a search party to find me and bring me back and remember to tell them to stay close by just in case I get lost again!

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